“Our team works to the age-old saying of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and you can be assured that attention to detail is paramount, as we believe this can be difference between success and failure”

Newhaven Park is 10,500 acres of rolling hills and river flats – perfect horse country for your broodmare, racehorse or your yearling to board.

At Newhaven Park we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients. We evaluate and look after every horse individually and inform you every step of the way.

Newhaven Park offers clients both larger paddocks for horses to grow and develop as well as individual spelling paddocks. Our facilities are set up to cater for your thoroughbreds every need – from foaling down to yearling preparation.

Yearling Preparation Newhaven Park StudYearling Preparation
Delago DeluxeDelago Deluxe
Services include
Resident Broodmare Agistment – Walk on service to the Hunter Valley and Victorian studs, Mating Advice and bookings, Reproductive management, Foaling Down, Micro chipping and branding, Mare returns
Racehorse & Yearling Agistment – horses fed to your requirements
Weaning & Handling
Yearling & Sales Preparation
Bloodstock Management
Newhaven Park prepares drafts for the major yearling and breeding stock sales each year and is consistently in the top 10 vendors by average.

Please inquire at our offices to discuss the price of these services.